Our gentle yet effective body-sculpting treatments address the waste and toxins that can stand between you and your wellness goals. Over the last 10 years, we’ve safely performed thousands of wraps using our proprietary blend of trace minerals for powerful results.

Base Wrap | 60 mins

The Base Wrap is suitable for both first-timers and seasoned wrappers alike. Offered at an introductory price point, this wrap features a base-level mineral concentration and is a common choice amongst those new to body wrap treatments. Beautifully complements any existing diet, exercise or healthy lifestyle program.

Advanced Wrap | 60 mins

The Advanced Wrap features the strongest concentration of our proprietary mineral blend, offering the best possible opportunity for success in achieving your aesthetic and detox goals. Works beautifully as a complement to any existing diet, exercise or healthy lifestyle program.

The goal of body wrapping is to detoxify, re-mineralize and sculpt the body.

As our clients have reported back to us, the potential benefits of body wrapping are vast and may include:

A slimmer, more sculpted look

Reduced appearance of cellulite

Improvement in skin tone

During your pre-treatment consultation, we invite you to discuss your goals and problem areas with your technician in full. This ensures we’re able to best customize your treatment and provide access to the full range of potential benefits from body wrapping.

“I am open to anything that helps detoxify and make you feel great. Tried the wrap and was really impressed by the results and how I felt afterward. Courtney, the owner is awesome and full of energy and everyone else that works with her has been awesome too! I highly recommend as a self-care must.”


“Love going to the Body Wrap Shoppe. The customer service is awesome and I always feel amazing afterwards! Courtney is the best!!!”

E. R.

“I’ve been going to TBWS off and on for several years. Courtney and her staff are wonderful. They’re very fun and friendly and go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. I would recommend Courtney and her establishment to anyone who might be looking to get a little tighter and have some fun while in the process.”


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Courtney Hamid

Courtney Hamid

Owner, Founder & Lead Wrap

The Body Wrap Shoppe

Since 2009, the Body Wrap Shoppe has worked to help clients on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Offering a variety of customized, non-invasive body sculpting treatment options. Our team is dedicated to providing lasting results in the comfortable, upbeat environment of our Dunedin, FL location

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